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Open Research for the public good.

The Bitcoin community has unique challenges when it comes to security and integrity. Criminals and governments have a vested interest in helping us to lose our coins. Useful public services can be corrupted. Deliberately bad data can cause lots of trouble. Trojan binaries and malware will always be a concern. You can't even trust your clipboard anymore!

Coinkite is running a number of projects to help the good guys, and we're doing that under the OpResearch umbrella.

Active Projects

Validates any Bitcoin signed message. Will verify the message, address and signature produced by Bitcoin software. Supports all the latest address types from BIP-137 and is smart about ASCII armour and whitespace.

We continuously download and verify the contents of key Bitcoin-related projects and their deliverables. Follow our bot on Nostr or Twitter for instant updates whenever something gets fishy.

Complex problems, simple solutions... less FUD. is a repository of Reproducible Build Proofs for Bitcoin Projects.

Anyone can add their own video of rebuilding Bitcoin-related projects, and demostrate the binary is reproducible.

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