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What do customers say about Coinkite?

Stick to Coinkite. Really. In my experience it works incredibly well, it's trustless, always available, easy to use and offers incredibly powerful multisig.
— Reddit User

Still a long row to hoe, but #bitcoin point-of-sale systems are a step in the right direction
— Gavin Andresen

Multi-sig wallet with full features including m of 15, HSM, etc. Best in class.
— Andrew Lee, CEO of

Great Multi-sig & security features
— Artiom Vontolazko, Blocktrust

They have tons of features!
— Terry Jang, CEO of Hannapay

Great business wallet with good security track record.
— Sergej Kotliar, Founder of Bitrefill

easy-to-use multisig
— Andrew Wagner, CoinFest

Best wallet, user friendly and easy-to-use paper wallets, good customer service.
— Bart Pycke

Easy to use, first to market and excellent management console. These things go to make the Coinkite system such a great product.
— Michael Morris, Founder of Heliopay

Coinkite's products work great
— Gordon Spielberg, Southern Hospitality

Coinkite has one of the best Bitcoin Wallets you can get.
— Nicholas J Stevenson, Absolute Bitcoin

Security. Convenience. Stability.

Hoooooooly cow - apparently you can already make/accept bitcoin debit cards (with receipts!) with Coinkite
— Christian Genco

Bitcoin is becoming easier for the average consumer, thanks to some really smart innovations. @Coinkite
— Eric Rogness

Hi, Just got invited to the beta and set up my account. Just wanted to say - really cool and slick implementation.
— Toronto Lawyer

Hey, I've been checking out your website recently, Coinkite looks great!
— Dave B.

Nice!!! Thanks so much, I was already a big proponent of your service, this just puts another nail in the proverbial coffin :)
— dustybizzle

I definitely like what you guys are doing. I've been a bit wary of your banking-like services, but your POS merchant solutions seem very good, and Bitcoin needs services like yours. Cheers
— poolbath1

Even simple things like printing your balance are a blessing. It is quite surprising actually. In "theory", the terminal doesn't sound like bringing much: one can already print paper wallet, scan QR codes, create watch accounts, use a mobile device to carry around etc. But "in practice", the terminal brings it all together in one convenient package (no computer, no WiFi and no mobile phone needed). It is very functional. It is a very powerful package and you "feel" in control of your finances.
— Bitcoin Plaza

You were more than helpful, thank you! I’ll make sure I recommend your service everywhere.
— Ivan

Coinkite is a great app run by some really great folks!
— Toronto Tees

Super awesome and every store in NYC needs one!
— jonstern

Some people at #bitcoinTO are able to look at this screen the same way Neo looks at the Matrix... "woah"
— Richard Pietro

Secure & Easy Web Wallet

Bank-Grade Security so you can finally trust a web wallet. Coinkite offers incomparable features, such as: Multi Signature (M-of-15), Funds-Forwarding, Send to SMS/Email, Vouchers, Payment Pages, 2-Factor Authentication, and much more.

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Bitcoin API for Developers

A new powerful, flexible and secure API platform. You can build all sorts of new systems using our API, including: your own POS system (Point of Sale), payment gateways, Crypto-ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) or innovative websites that both accept and send out funds.

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H.S.M. Based Security

With our bank-grade security based on hardware H.S.M, cold storage is a thing of the past. Fast, Secure and Liquid Funds. Coinkite is the only full-liquidity and HSM-based security for crypto-currency.

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Bitcoin Exchange & Payment Terminal

Easily accept Bitcoin, Litecoin & Blackcoin from Coinkite Debit Cards or any other Wallet by QR code!

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The 1st Bitcoin Debit Card

Finally spend Bitcoin, Litecoin and Blackcoin Easily! With our Debit Card you won't need to remember to charge your phone.

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