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Open Positions at Coinkite

Technical Roles:

  • Backend Engineer [Python/Database/aiohttp/JS/websockets]
  • React Native Developer (cross-platform Android/iOS) [Javascript/iOS/Android]
  • Embedded Python [Micropython/ARM] Micropython on embedded hardware (ARM). Cryptography, graphics, UX and Bitcoin-specific file formats and standards.
  • Python Specialist
  • Web Designer / Front end developer [CSS/HTML/JS/Jinja2]

Other Roles

  • Bitcoin Writer [Simplify Technical Docs] Help us explain Bitcoin concepts simply. Must have relevant experience writing docs for Bitcoin projects.
  • Support Specialist [Freshdesk/Shipping/Logistics]
  • Document Writer [Technical Docs/Marketing] Must have relevant experience writing docs for Bitcoin projects.
  • Virtual Office Admin [Canada/Toronto, but WFH]

How to Apply

Apply by sending work resume to jobs[at]coinkite[dot]com with position on Subject ie "[CAREERS: position]". For technical positions, please include Github profile and links to previous relevant work. Avoid sending us files, just plain text resumes on email body preferred :)

About us

Coinkite is a 10 year-old+ self-funded Bitcoin company. We focus primarily on hardware security devices, but also sell a number of specialized or novelty products related to Bitcoin. Our custom electronics are built in Toronto (Canada), and we sell direct, from our web store to the world (100+ countries). Coinkite is arguably one of the most well-known Bitcoin companies and over the last decade, we've built an extremely loyal consumer base. Our customers count on us to protect their Bitcoin against theft, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We are nimble, small and highly skilled. Our founders are well-known in the industry and often speak at Bitcoin conferences.

Coinkite's focus is always on new products and the R&D needed to ship exciting world-class products in record time. We are makers who ship. To be successful in a revolutionary new industry requires no less.

As for our culture: No Slack App. No Scrum. No office, We've never had one. Competitive compensation rates, and bonuses: We see your value and don't mind paying for it. Looking for self-starters who get things done and shipped.

Join our team of laser-focused individuals.