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Open Positions at Coinkite

Technical Roles:

  • Backend Engineer [Python/Database/aiohttp/JS/websockets]
  • React Native Developer (cross-platform Android/iOS) [Javascript/iOS/Android]
  • Embedded Python [Micropython/ARM] Micropython on embedded hardware (ARM). Cryptography, graphics, UX and Bitcoin-specific file formats and standards.
  • Python Specialist
  • Web Designer / Front end developer [CSS/HTML/JS/Jinja2]

Other Roles

  • Support Specialist [Freshdesk/Shipping/Logistics]
  • Document Writer [Technical Docs/Marketing] Must have relevant experience writing docs for Bitcoin projects.
  • Virtual Office Admin [Canada/Toronto, but WFH]

How to Apply

Apply by sending work resume to jobs[at]coinkite[dot]com with position on Subject ie "[CAREERS: position]". For technical positions, please include Github profile and links to previous relevant work. Avoid sending us files, just plain text resumes on email body preferred :)