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Coinkite Web Wallet Closed

We are winding down the web wallet part of Coinkite so that our team can focus on a number of new products that are more decentralized and embodied as hardware products. We’re still big Bitcoin fans and supporters, and although Coinkite has been great adventure in the SaaS business, we want to spend more time where our heart is, hardware products, software-"not-as-a-service", and other exciting new possibilities.

Please see our blog post for the full announcement made March 28th, 2016.

Account Termination Notice — Forteen Day Notice

Our schedule below is based on best effort, and the 14-days notice still stands. Our support system is very busy, please be patient and bear with us. Things may change as we go along without further notice.

Grace Period Extension Now Ended (June 10th, 75 days!)

March 28th (Immediate)

  • Ongoing batches of empty and unused accounts are being closed.
  • Nyms are disabled.

As of April 7th

  • Web wallet features and all "Web Services" are no longer available.
  • All remaining accounts without a balance will be automatically closed.
  • All automated notifications disabled.

As of April 11th

  • Withdrawals must be made through a manual process which will include in-depth verification and anti-fraud measures. Go to the verification site and follow the steps.

On April 27th (30 days post-closing)

  • We will charge our monthly personal membership fee ($9USD) on all free accounts from this day forward.
  • Withdraws will be processed in batches, and may take longer than 14 days.
  • Deposits equal to 0.2 BTC or smaller, will be charged as termination fee.

Grace Period (from April 11th to May 27th)

Grace Period Extension Over (June 10th, 75 days!)

Membership Refunds

  • We are happy to refund prorated annual memberships that have already been paid.

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